Seminary Lesson 46: D&C 41 PowerPoint


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A 29 slide PowerPoint presentation for Seminary Lesson 46

By Debra Woods

In December 1830, the Lord commanded the Saints to move to Ohio, where they would receive His law (see D&C 37:3; 38:32). Leman Copley, a member of the Church in Ohio, had offered to provide Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon and their families with “houses and provisions” (section introduction, D&C 41). Joseph Smith received the revelation recorded in Doctrine and Covenants 41 on February 4, 1831, soon after he arrived in Ohio. In this revelation, the Lord instructed the Prophet and other Church leaders to pray to receive His law. In addition, He clarified where Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon should live and called Edward Partridge to be the first bishop of the Church.