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WANTED: Your talent!

Working for or with Latter-dayVillage.com

Latter-dayVillage.com has been providing online resources for LDS teachers and leaders for 20 years.  As a wholly digital web-based business, the staff at LDV works part time from home as independent contractors.  This means they keep their own hours that fit their schedule, use their own computers and internet access, usually have their own software for creating materials, and login to our server and website administrative area to publish their work.

This is ideal work for stay-at-home moms, college students, or anyone who needs some extra cash to supplement their income, while using their talents and skills to assist in building the kingdom of God on earth!

Due to the nature of our business and the materials we are creating, it is important to have a strong background in LDS culture, practices, and church programs so that all materials meet the needs of and appeal to our target audience, LDS teachers, leaders and families.


Currently, Latter-dayVillage.com is seeking the following talent to join our team:

  • Illustrators
    • Any hand created medium that can be captured digitally, including:
      • Watercolor
      • Pencil Sketch
      • Pen & Ink
      • Acrylics
      • Mixed Media
    • Create original digital art with illustration software such as:
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • Adobe Photoshop
    • Any style
      • realistic
      • cartoon
      • impressionistic
  • Graphic Designers
    • Well versed in programs such as:
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe InDesign
      • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Turn digital images into a set of matching lesson helps
    • Upload ready to use pdfs and PowerPoints to our server
    • Publish finished articles/posts to our website for users to access the lesson material.
  • Creative Teachers with any of the following experience:
    • Do you have original and innovative ideas for teaching?
    • Are you always thinking of fun games and activities to enhance lessons?
    • Are you effective in engaging all ages of class members and drawing out and leading meaningful discussions?
    • Do you have experience with using technology in the classroom?
    • Do you make AWESOME PowerPoints?
  • Translators
    • Do you speak English AND another language fluently?
    • Do you have graphic design software?
    • If you could take our materials and translate them into Spanish or any other language, including within an image design program, we would like to talk!
  • Programmers
    • Do you design web and smart phone apps?
    • Do you love the gospel AND coding?  
    • Can you work with creatives who have great ideas and need someone to make them a reality?
  • Writers
    • Newsletters, blog posts, social media content, poetry, short stories, novels, news stories, screenplays for LDS audiences
  • Photographers
    • digital photography, indoor, outdoor and studio


These are not immediate needs, but someday we really want to offer things from people like this:

  • Animators
  • Videographers
  • Musicians
    • Singer song writers
    • arrangers
    • instrumentalists
    • vocalists
  • Crafters - DIY
    • Do you design and make original crafts, home decor, clothing etc. that would appeal to church groups such as
      • Relief Society 
      • Young Women
      • Girls' Activity Days
      • Home makers
  • Event Planners
    • Are your parties, activities and events THE BOMB???  Does everyone get excited to attend when they know YOU were in charge of an event?
    • Do you know how to gather great ideas and turn them into a FABULOUS event or activity?
    • Do you have original ideas and know how to turn a vision into a reality?
  • Marketing Specialists
    • Do you love working with people?
    • Do you get excited about new resources?
    • Do you love contacting others to spread good news by phone, text or message?
    • Do you know how to get others excited about new things via social media?
  • Customer Support/Administrative Support
    • Are you good with accuracy for repetitive tasks?
    • Are you able to communicate well in writing?
    • Do you like talking on the phone?
    • Can you be concise and enjoy helping people?
  • LDS small businesses
    • Do you have a business or have you always WANTED to have a home based business where you provide products or services that you would like to market to a worldwide LDS audience?
    • We are inviting small LDS businesses to join our Village Marketplace where we provide the platform/engine/shopping cart for you to market your physical and digital products or even services that are not strictly local.  If you can maintain your own inventory and ship directly to individual customers as needed, we hope you will consider becoming part of the Latter-day Village Marketplace!
  • Saints Helping Saints
    • Do you have a file drawer or storage bin full of great lessons or activities you spent hours creating?
    • Would your idea be useful to other people teaching, leading or planning a church or family activity?
    • Would you like to earn some extra money for sharing your hard work with others?


Latter-dayVillage.com pays hourly for administrative work.

We commission specific art and other creative work and then purchase it at a set rate.  This includes creative work such as art, design, writing, ideas, programming on a pay-per-piece basis.  

We also have an affiliate program where staff members can earn commissions on sales for business they generate via social media, direct contact or word of mouth.

We sell products in our Village Marketplace at retail prices that are competitive with any other sale of the same or similar products elsewhere.  We pay wholesale prices to vendors + shipping and handling.  Our cart minimum is $5.00 due to transaction fees.


Send the following information to debra@latter-dayvillage.com:

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. email address
  5. Position you are applying for
  6. online portfolio/samples of your work
  7. Your work, school and volunteer experience in the area of interest.
  8. The tools you use in your work including software programs you use and your level of expertise
  9. A photograph of you, to put a face with a name.
  10. Your current church service position
  11. Your home, work or school obligations (example: stay at home mother of three pre-schoolers)
  12. The amount of time per week that you are interested in working for LDV.
  13. The area of LDS life/teaching/leading you think you would best be suited to develop material for.
    1. Primary 
    2. Relief Society
    3. Seminary
    4. Sunday School
    5. Young Women
    6. LDS Activities
    7. Missionary Work
    8. FHE
    9. LDS Homeschool
    10. Family History
    11. LDS Entertainment
    12. LDS Homes
    13. Administrative
    14. Marketing
    15. Customer Support



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