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LDV Pricing Information

LatterdayVillage.com Pricing Information

LatterdayVillage is a division of ANDRUS WOODS ENTERPRISES LLC.  We have a few different types of products.  Our services include:

  • Paid Memberships to premium online content
  • Store Sales
    • Digital Downloads
    • Physical Products


2022 Pricing - We offer paid memberships to access our exclusive online content for various areas of LDS auxiliary teaching and leading, including:

  • Relief Society - $5.00/mo
  • Seminary - $11.00/mo
  • Young Women - $7.99/mo


  • Come Follow Me - includes lesson helps for current month Home, Primary and Sunday School - $8.00/mo
  • All-Site - $17.00/mo (includes everything)

Our material is predominantly composed of original lesson and leader helps designed by professional graphic designers and curriculum writers, along with some excellent gathered ideas from teachers and leaders around the world which we archive and organize in a logical system for your convenience.

Subscriptions give one month of access to this premium content, and are automatically renewed on the same day of each month for a monthly subscription fee until canceled. 


Members register on our secure server with a payment option, usually a credit card, and that information is stored by our Payment Gateway, STRIPE.  

A receipt for each transaction is emailed to the member.  That is why it is important to have an accurate email address associated with your subscription.  See below if you are not getting monthly receipts.



If you are released and no longer need your current membership but would like to switch to a different area, use our Contact Form to request it - we can make the switch without you needing to cancel and re-register, as long as your payment information is the same.


When a transaction is declined by a customer's bank, we are notified and cancel the subscription with Authorize.net and delete the account of the individual from our membership website.  Transactions may be declined for such reasons as:

  • the contact information does not match the bank records
  • the credit card number has been changed due to fraud
  • the credit card has been reported lost or stolen
  • the credit card has expired
  • there are not sufficient funds in a debit account to cover the transaction
  • a pre-paid credit card has reached it's limit
  • the customer has requested a hold be placed on transactions from our company.


Because the material is digital, we do not give refunds either for partial months of access to paid membership areas, or if you find that what we offer is not what you thought it was going to be.  We try to explain what is included and offer samples so you know what you are paying for before you subscribe.  

If you encounter a problem with accessing the online subscription material, please notify us immediately and we will troubleshoot the problem to get you the material included in your subscription.  In most cases, new material is added or made available each month, that is why we charge a monthly fee to access it.  Seminary may be an exception because the material included is so vast, gathered over many years, it would be impossible to go through all of it in a month, and seminary teachers typically have limited preparation time and need to return often to take advantage of all the material for the current curriculum and various areas of Seminary.


Members can cancel any time prior to the upcoming payment, to avoid the next charge, by logging in and clicking on the "My Account" link where you can edit your contact information or cancel your paid membership.  We typically cancel the subscription within 24 hours (we have to do it by hand, so don't wait till the last minute).  You must cancel BEFORE a payment takes place on the regular day of the month, no refunds are made after a transaction takes place.

While every effort is made to ensure that cancelation requests are honored and complete, it is a multi-step process, and steps may inadvertently be missed,  and at times members unsubscribe from our mailing list and assume they have canceled their paid subscription, this is not the case. We highly recommend that you CHECK YOUR BANKS STATEMENTS to confirm that charges have ceased as expected, and contact us as soon as possible if you have concerns.


We cannot offer access to your account history information on our website, as it is not stored here.  If you have a question you cannot account for via your own email and bank records, please contact us and we can look up the information on our end.  We recommend you save the email receipts you get from us for your own records.


It is not impossible to have duplicate subscriptions.  Please keep track of your bank charges to make sure you are only paying once a month for your membership, and let us know immediately if you have any concerns.  We can credit duplicate subscriptions, but not refund them.


Our official registered business name is Andrus Woods Enterprises LLC - all charges will be listed this way or for LatterdayVillage.com on your bank statements.  My sons' last name is Andrus, my last name is Woods - that's where the business name comes from. 


In addition to our paid memberships, we have an online store where we sell digital downloads.  Some of our most popular items in the store are our individual lesson packets.

The pricing of our packets allows customers to purchase just one lesson rather than subscribing to our paid membership areas.  This is especially useful if you are trying out LDV lessons for the first time, if you are substituting, or if you teach only occasionally.  You can save money by subscribing if you want multiple lessons per month.

Upon purchase of a lesson packet or other digital download product, you will receive

  1. a store receipt
  2. a payment gateway receipt
  3. and a PURCHASE DETAILS email with a link to the lesson or collection, where you can download it - this all should happen within a few minutes.  

Due to stricter standards by internet service providers, sometimes our store notifications are sent to SPAM folders.  If you do not see the notice in your inbox within a few minutes, please check your SPAM folder - and if you don't find it there, please contact us, we can send you the lesson.


LDV sells many exclusive physical products found nowhere else in the world.  We also sell third party products that may be shipped directly from the manufacturer or publisher.  We are a small operation and depending on the season, may gather several orders over several days before shipping.  The summer is our big shipping season for Seminary products and we ship more frequently.  We do not offer express shipping.  All packages are shipped via the USPS via:

  • Media Mail (strict standards allow only specific types of material to be shipped via Media Mail it is slow and cheap)
  • First Class Mail - must be under 13 oz
  • Priority Mail - 2-3 days after we deliver it to the post office, and if it doesn't fit in a flat rate envelope/box provided by the USPS, the fee is determined by the distance traveled. 

Our shopping cart does not allow sophisticated calculations of shipping fees, so we charge our best guess automatically - and if the fee is much higher, we require additional shipping be paid before we send off a package.  If the charged fee is much higher than the actual cost (can happen when multiple items are ordered), we will refund the overage.  Our shipping fees also include the cost of packaging and handling, not just postage.


Check your SPAM folder.  If they aren't there it could be that you started out with a free membership, and when you registered for a paid membership it did not create a new account, but used your old one, yet didn't require or record your email separately - we can manually fix this, so CONTACT US so we can take care of it







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