Book of Mormon Felt Map


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Bring the Book of Mormon to LIFE with this wonderful class size felt map of Book of Mormon lands

This beautiful felt map is printed on colorfast washable felt and will last a lifetime.  Great for classroom use or for family scripture study.  This visual will enhance your understanding and interest in the stories of the Nephites and Lamanites and other Book of Mormon peoples as you follow along their journeys, battles, missionary labors and so forth.  

Hang on a bulletin board or lay on the table as you study!  Use these printable, double-sided map figures on your map, to track where described events take place in relation to the entire area.

This map is based on a CES institute map that in no way indicates where on the earth the Book of Mormon lands were, but does give a good visual of the seas, lands, cities and other areas mentioned in the Book of Mormon in relation to each other.

Dimensions: 36" width x 32" length