What Blessings Come from Receiving Temple Ordinances?


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Charming printables for Young Women 2022 July Week 4!

This lesson packet includes:

  • Full-size Lesson Poster
  • 2 per page Scripture Assignment Strips for Attention Activity
  • 2 full page question posters for Attention Activity
  • 3 per page Kirtland Temple Dedication scripture strips
  • 1 full page question poster for the Kirtland Temple Dedication Activity
  • Full page thought poster When I think about the temple I feel...
  • 5 paragraph cards to read aloud to accompany When I think about ...
  • 2 ful page question posters to accompany When I think about ...
  • Video of Elder Richards' talk
  • 2 per page journal pages to go with Sacrifices for Temple Blessings