OT Lesson 94 PowerPoint: Prophets and Revelation (Part 4)


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by Amber Andrus

A 16-slide PowerPoint presentation for the 2022 OT Lesson 94: Prophets and Revelation (Part 4)

"The teaching materials for this doctrinal mastery topic are divided into four parts. In part 4, students will participate in a comprehensive doctrinal mastery review. This review is designed to last 20 to 40 minutes. If you have material that you did not have time to teach previously, you could teach this material and then spend 20 minutes or so on the doctrinal mastery review. If you do not have other material you need to teach, you could spend the full 40 minutes on this cumulative doctrinal mastery review in order to let students have a greater opportunity to review doctrinal mastery passages." [Introduction from the lesson at churchofjesuschrist.org]