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Old Testament Seminary Course supplemental resources

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  2022 OT Lesson 4 PowerPoint: Studying the Scriptures
  2022 Old Testament Lesson 2 PowerPoint: The Plan of Salvation
  2022 Old Testament Lesson 1 PowerPoint: Introduction to the Old Testament
  2022 CFM-OT-Seminary-Lesson3
  Isaiah 17-23 Letter Tiles Puzzle
  Isaiah 3-5 Cryptogram
  Proverbs 1-9 Letter Tiles Puzzle
  Proverbs 10-31 Cryptogram
  Job 38-42 Cryptogram
  Job 1-16 Cryptogram
  Ezra 7-10 Word Search
  2 Kings 21-25 Cryptogram
  Genesis 10-11 Word Search
  Moses 8 Cryptogram
  Moses 6:48-68 Cryptogram
  Moses 5:1-11 Cryptogram
  Moses 1:24–42 Word Search
  Moses 3 Word Search
  2 Kings 18-20 Word Search
  2 Kings 14-17 Word Search
  1 Kings 17 Crossword
  1 Kings 11-16 Cryptogram
  1 Samuel 25–31 Crossword
  1 Samuel 16 Word Search
  1 Samuel 3 Cryptogram
  1 Samuel 1-2 Word Search
  Genesis 31–32 Cryptogram
  Genesis 47–49 Fallen Phrase Puzzle
  Genesis 42–43 Cryptogram
  Exodus 3–4 Fallen Puzzle
  Exodus 5–6 Cryptogram
  Exodus 17:8–19:25 Word Search
  Exodus 32 Cryptogram
  Exodus 33-34 Double Puzzle
  Exodus 35-40 Fallen Phrase
  Judges 6-9 Cryptogram
  Joshua 11–24 Cryptogram
  Deuteronomy 27–34 Double Puzzle
  Deuternomony 20-26 Word Search
  Numbers 30-36 Word Search
  Exodus 32 Crossword
  Leviticus 12–18 Crossword
  Leviticus 1-7 Word Search
  Numbers 1-10 Word Search
  Genesis 13-14 Word Search
  Genesis 15-16 Word Search
  Genesis 22 Crossword Puzzle
  Word Search Puzzle
  The Role of the Learner Lesson Helps
  OT SM Rhyming Clues
  OT SM Object Clues
  OT Magic Square with Chapter and Verse Rhymes & Motions
  OT Scavenger Hunt Clues
  OT SM Playing Cards
  OT SM Object Clues II
  OT SM Valentine Conversation Hearts
  OT SM Magic Square Class Participation II
  OT SM Object Game
  OT SM Rebuses
  Proverbs 3:5-6 Word Search
  OT SM Magic Square Interpretation
  OT SM Flash Cards 8×10
  SM Chairs for OT
  OT SM Tally Cards
  OT SM Magic Square Relay Race
  OT SM Scavenger Hunt
  OT SM Riddle Chase
  OT SM Songs
  OT Hunters and Fishers
  OT SM Association Clues
  OT Scripture Mastery Games Booklet
  OT SM Magic Square Class Participation
  OT SM First Letter
  OT SM Application Connection
  OT SM Spin the Dreidel
  OT SM References, Keywords and Cross-references
  OT Magic Square Blank Worksheets
  Old Testament Links
  Promise of Forgivenss if We Return to Him by Margene Von Forell
  Theme – As For Me And My House
  Themes – Lessons from the Old Testament
  Presenting the Yearly Theme
  Theme – Proverbs 3:5, 6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart.”
  Class Mascots
  10 Commandments & SM Review
  Multi-Activity Review Game
  OT Seminary Olympics
  Old Testament Family Feud – Powerpoint
  Old Testament Academy Awards
  Review: OT Risk Game
  Test: End of Year Picture Test
  Test: Hosea – Malachi
  Review: Hosea – Malachi Numbered Chairs
  Review: Daniel Bloody Chairs
  Review: Ezekiel – Obadiah
  OT Year End Baseball Review Game
  Minor Prophets Review Game
  Zechariah Review: Don’t Go To Summer School
  Quiz: Isaiah Numbered Chairs
  Review: Proverbs “Wise & Otherwise” Game