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CHANGE.  As an online resource, LatterdayVillage has been through many many changes in it's first decade of existance!  This technology races ahead and to survive, we must work hard to keep up. Thus this new iteration of the popular LDS teaching resource! 

We wanted a new look, new functionality and to improve the ease of use of LDV and we hope you will enjoy our choice to go with a hosted membership service that is specifically designed for the type of website we have. 

In the past we have used services that did not have a built in membership program and had to use a plethora of third party plugins to allow us to have paid memberships, e-commerce, user groups, a customer support system, newsletters, member controlled accounts etc.  This has been a circus as no two services were upgraded by developers at the same time and with security updates and incompatibilities between versions of software and browsers and service providers, it is no small thing to keep a website running at all, let alone smoothly.

We hope our new LDV will be a pleasure for us to maintain and for you to use!

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