Where IS LatterdayVillage Anyway???

LatterdayVillage Streetviewby Debra Woods

The beauty of having an online business, an EXCLUSIVELY online business is that, the location of the business is . . . nowhere really - anywhere, REALLY - but if I had to show you the street view of this business, it might look like this photo . . .

Today I decided to take my business into the bedroom - WHOOPS!!! That sounds a bit risqué!  But I got the idea from one of my designers who I did a training with, IN PERSON, in her home in Washington recently.  She has a tiny notebook computer, and I asked if she minded how little it was, and she replied, "It's easier to work in bed with this little thing."

My trusty MacBook Pro laptop IS latterdayvillage.  So wherever I take it, THAT is the location of LDV!  Today, it is my bed.

Really, latterdayvillage resides in "the cloud", not on my computer.  I have to login to the site and to our file storage server, not to mention our payment gateway, on a daily basis - from wherever in the world I happen to be, and lately, I've been all over the Western United States, to go to work.

And the rest of the staff does the same thing - from wherever in the world THEY happen to be when they "go to work" for LDV.

How would you like to work from home, or Starbucks (which I did Easter Weekend) in Carefree, Arizona?  I was traveling and knew Starbucks had free wi-fi - so I sat at a table and worked a couple of hours.  I recently worked in the parking lot of McDonalds in Fife, Washington, using their free wi-fi.

So it is really comical sometimes when I get a rare business phone call, on my iPhone, and when I say, "Hello," the caller pauses, assuming they got the wrong number, because I only have one phone number for business and personal use, and I don't know when it rings if it is a business or personal call, so I just say, "Hello."

Believe it, or not, I have been doing business this way for 20 years.  Well, some of those years I did NOT have a laptop, so I worked at my desk at home, in Florida, Utah, and Ohio.  Now I live in Arizona, but I do have a laptop and take it wherever I go.  In the last 7 months that has included Glendora, Los Angeles, Mesa, Saratoga Springs, Orem, Vancouver, Salem, Gold Beach, Ukiah, Bakersfield.  I got one of those business calls on my iPhone in Vancouver while training my designer in her living room, and she got to overhear the call.

What a life!

If you are thinking, "WELL! I never!" sorry for bursting your bubble.  But if you are thinking, "AWESOME!!!! Wish it were ME!!!!" let me know, I might be able to pay you to help with LDV from your bedroom!

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