May 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout

May 2016 Message

General Conference—Select from the talks given in the April general conference to share a visiting teaching message. Use inspiring messages from our leaders to teach and uplift.


I created this handout to help remind your sisters that it is important to go back and study the messages from General Conference.  This little card would be a perfect companion to a notebook or a copy of the May Ensign or Liahona! Just tie some jute rope or a ribbon through the card and the notebook (or magazine) to attach.  Encourage your sisters to study the talks and write down their thoughts in the notebook.  Click here for ideas on how to study the Conference talks.

May 2015 Visiting Teaching handout  May 2015 Visiting Teaching handouts  

If you'd like to give your sisters some of your favorite quotes from Conference, here are a few that I found on the web:

Ink Happi

Chicken Scratch N Sniff

He and I

Teepee Girl

Today's the Best Day

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