Know by Heart Old Testament Scripture Mastery Flip-Book PDF

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Practice the Old Testament Scripture Mastery Verses till you Know them by Heart, with these eye catching images you display in your home or classroom where you will see them each day. PDF and JPG Downloads.

Digital Know by Heart flipbooks by Latter-DayVillage, are especially designed to help students of the scriptures memorize key scripture verses by displaying them in a prominent location where the image and text will catch the eye and help associate the verse with the message, and by reading each day, after a few days, they can be committed to memory. By displaying one page at a time, the verses can be recited, out loud is best, over and over in small snippets of time. Repetition is the key to memorization - so placing the pages in a handy spot where you are most likely to see them each and every day, it won’t take long before the entire verse is cemented in the mind! Also included are cards with just the references and cards with just the key phrases for each scripture!

Based on the latest version of SM verses.

You are buying the digital files and you can print as many as you need for your class! Each card is 4"x6" and comes in a PDF and JPG formats.