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Megan's Turn!

We all decided at LDV that we should each write a blog post about ourselves so all of our members can get to know us a little bit better.  Debra wrote her blog post about LDV's history last month, so this month it's my turn!  I wish I had the writing skills that Debra does, but it's not something that comes naturally for me!  But, I guess if you're going to get to know me, you'll get to know some of my flaws also!

This August, my husband and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage.  I cannot believe how time has gone by so quickly.  In the past 17 years we have had 4 children, moved 14 times (ack!); owned 13 cars; have had: 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 hamsters, 2 guinea pigs, and numerous fish; while married, my husband completed his bachelor's degree and his master's degree; I have started and had to stop going to college 3 times (maybe some day I'll get to finish!); and I have quit drinking Diet Coke numerous times! (this time I vowed I wouldn't start again!) As much as I've enjoyed the first 17 years of our marriage, I'm really looking forward to the next 17 years and beyond!  Now that school is out of the way and we finally own our "dream" home, I feel like I'm no longer playing house and can finally settle down :)  

Some fun facts about myself (and feel free to totally skip this part!!!): I really dislike cooking but love home cooked food; I am a self taught photographer and owned my own photography business for a couple years (my daughters are now taking over my cameras and both have amazing talent in their photography skills); I love to garden and find so much joy in working in the dirt; I hate the snow and wonder often why I live in UTAH!; I think my husband is the most handsome man on this earth - but my little boys are going to be close seconds; I wish I was as amazing as my daughters are when I was their ages - seriously, their generation is so strong!; my Mom and my 2 sisters are my very best friends and we're lucky enough to get to see each other weekly! Okay- enough of that!


 Megan's Family

MY FAMILY! (my boys absolutely hate getting their pictures taken! Can you tell!)


I started with LDV in 2010.  I was currently a wedding and family photographer in the Utah County area.  Debra approached me and asked if I would take some pictures for her Relief Society handouts each month.  It was fun to work with Debra!  After some time of just taking the photos, she soon ask me to design the lesson handouts each month for Relief Society.  I loved using my design skills!  I had taken some design classes the previous year and was currently working as a graphic designer for a sign company.  After 2 years of working for the sign company, I was able to quit and started working much more for Debra.  I not only was doing all of the Relief Society lesson helps, but at this point I started working on the new Come, Follow Me Young Women lesson packets.

I quickly fell in LOVE with the Youth program and lessons!  As I prepare the lessons each month, I learn so much!  I feel so blessed to be able to read and study these lessons.  I love designing the handouts and lesson helps and often envision how they are being used in your classrooms.  I have 2 Young Women age daughters, and I ask their opinions constantly!  And they are quick to tell me if something is stupid or just wouldn't work! (Teenagers can be brutal!)

This job has helped me grow in so many ways.  I feel like I'm on a spiritual high most days because I get to study the lessons so in depth.  This past year, I was able to re-design our entire site! My design skills were definitely challenged and put to the test with that one!  Debra and I love how the new site turned out and feel like it's a good reflection of our Village and ourselves!  With the new site, our membership has grown so much and we LOVE seeing all the different ways our lesson helps are being used.  Our hope is that you'll take our lesson helps, and with the Spirit, be inspired to be the best teachers you can for your classes!  (We also love feedback, so if something worked really well for you, or if you feel we can improve on something, please let us know!)

If you've read this far, than that means you're still awake and I didn't bore you TOO much! I encourage you to post a photo to your profile and a bit of information about yourself so that we can all know you a little better!  I love being able to put faces to names.  Thanks for being part of our Village!


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